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  1. gilbz

    Erm Hello

  2. gilbz

    Erm Hello

    10 months later........ Sorry Gray lol :-D
  3. gilbz

    Erm Hello

    Hey Dicky! Yeah, some great names on here and the emoticons were always way ahead of other forums!
  4. gilbz

    Erm Hello

    'Sir' to you....... Twinkle
  5. gilbz

    Erm Hello

    Haha! I've kept in touch with a lot of the guys on here, always interesting to see what everyone is up to. I was convinced Darlo batted for the other side especially after the sensual kiss he gave me in the middle of Plasa! How wrong was I! Looking at the above post count by you guys I reckon the forum stalled when I left! So what's new? ........ off to have a look!
  6. gilbz

    Erm Hello

    Ooo! I remeber you lot!
  7. gilbz

    Erm Hello

    I guess I used to be the forum whore who had to click 'refresh' several times a minute to see if I was missing anything in DJ land Anyway, for those that don't know me, I'm Gilbz. I was back here in the early days. So what's new?? Is it safe to come back and not get sexually abusive comments thrown at me? Is that bondage loving weirdo still here? Used to go under the name of Highslayer? Miss chatting with Visionism, Darlo, Baron, NoraB Tricky, Weeble and that guy I met at Plasa with the soft hands... forget his name Anybody else off this forum get banged up for grooming? I know there was a few creepy people out there
  8. lol you tart! I had the same from Adam ADH Starlite or whatever he calls himself! Anyway Ging called me and said he would pass on work at a venue if they found his prices too high! Cheeky fecker!
  9. If you want to come out and experience a proper show give me a shout and not Topnotch! (That was a tongue in cheek joke... woooosh straight over your head!) Based in Yeovil but aim towards Topnotch's patch to pee him off lol!
  10. gilbz

    hi from bournemouth

    Welcome from 50 mile away!
  11. gilbz

    Hi everyone

    Bog off Topnotch! Kev, what name are going under? Give me a ring sometime and I'll pass on some gigs if you want. I work with Andy on a lot of gigs passing and sharing work. In fact he's on Wales tonight with my eldest lid doing a gig! Not sure how much to charge him for hiring gear/ human!
  12. gilbz

    Hi everyone

    Where abouts are you in Somerset Kev? Welcome!
  13. gilbz

    Hi All

    :snigger: Welcome bum chum! Enjoy your stay safe!
  14. gilbz

    Essex DJ

    Are you serious?! Fupp that!
  15. gilbz

    Essex DJ

    Wow your website seriously had me spinning! I went from the Home page to Contact! I suddenly found my eyes rolling in my head lol!! Welcome here, get the sig changed before Colin hits you with a 'I don't like it big' stick! fnaaar!