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  1. For 200 you can easily get away with one DB sub and two tops

  2. sorry that should be opera 402d's.

  3. do you use other DB stuff? When I've sold my HK i've been looking at the db sub15d and a pair of opera 405d's. They seem the ideal mix between price, weight and quality. But not a lot of people seem to have heard them. What are you're personal experiances and do you think a 1 sub 2 tops of those i've just mentione do a 200 guest party? Cheers Dave.


  4. how do you get on with the sub? do you place it under the deckstand? what's it like at full throttle under your console?

    thinking of getting one.

  5. James Lake


    Welcome along Ollie
  6. James Lake

    Just saying hi

    Yes Nick going very well thanks.
  7. James Lake

    Just saying hi

    I am waiting to get some up to date ones, have changed the setup so much since the last photos I took. New sound system, new lights. Will post them shortly.
  8. James Lake

    Just saying hi

    I use PCDJ VJ on a rackmount pc or laptop, Allen & Heath Xone 3d Mixer for midi control of the software, 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000mkIII cd decks for timecode control or 2 x technics SL1210s for vinyl control, 4x truss mounted 15" LCD monitors and a 3200 ansi lumens projector with various rear projection screens. Looking at replacing the 4 monitors with 2 32" Lcd screen truss mounted and 2 x 42" LCDs stand mounted shortly.
  9. James Lake

    Just saying hi

    Just joined up and wanted to say hi. I'm a mobile vj/dj in from Northamptonshire in the uk