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  1. Adam ADH

    Erm Hello

    Good to see you back Mr Dewberry! ….the Somerset "Pulse" weirdo guy is back!
  2. Do you know what, it's so damn good to see all the old schoolers back on here commenting! I'm even laughing at Clives post about Soundshops profile pic exploding!….god it's odd what you can recall! When 4 x Acme Dynamo scans on a deck stand was a common rig….(before Wizards on sticks!) When Pee Cee had his Martin Audio rig! When Tech had his Karaoke shows out down the local boozers…. Dion and his weekly rig setups in his boozer…and when he got those new lasers and he frickin loved em! You don't get none of that elsewhere anymore…..on the old Facebook pages it's all LED Disco light questions and people noshing off FBT! (*joke*)
  3. Ahhh Tricky! The original cable boy who yet had the ingenious rig that him, his bro and his old man could have out of a venue in 10 mins! and what Twinspin…….who can forget old John "Twinspin" Brown……what's to say……..well…..John's John!
  4. Wow! Blast from the past! Ahhhh the age old MDJF days feat Cav, Woody, PeeCee, Tech, Ian, Gilbz, Cook, me, Jivemaster (giggidy!), Dion, Rich & Georgie (DK), Scott Burnside, Twinspin……..only seems 5 mins ago!
  5. Adam ADH

    Hello All!

  6. Adam ADH

    New Member - Rob Giddings from Strobe Disco Roadshow

    Nice to see another old face back online.........hope you're well Rob! Good old DFB days!!!
  7. Adam ADH

    Hi from Essex

    Lol.....i know Carl VERY well
  8. Adam ADH

    Hi from Essex

    Welcome to the forum Toby Nice to see your only 25 mins away from me in Halstead!
  9. Adam ADH

    Hello from Djkit.com

  10. Adam ADH

    I think I might have made it?

    Welcome Good to see you on here Matt! Hows Amanda and little Charlotte?
  11. Adam ADH

    Hi Wedding DJ - Essex - UK :0)

    Im pressuming your residency is the one beginning with Leeeeeez then
  12. Adam ADH

    Hi Wedding DJ - Essex - UK :0)

    Hi Pete! Welcome to MDJF Im from just North of Colchester....between Colchester and Ipswich. As Dave Drane said above, if you fancy meeting up for a chat one day and a drink let us know. We're a friendly bunch really. I also cover down your way. I pressume you may be the Pete with the surname beginning with Chap? Or am i wrong?
  13. Adam ADH

    At Last

    And he finnally makes it across. Welcome Mo!
  14. Adam ADH


    Welcome Mr Thorogood
  15. Adam ADH

    Hey fellas