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  1. ben

    Am I in the right place?

    Morning Georgie, good to see you on here.
  2. ben


    I would say that having the ability to beat match makes you a better DJ, even if you don't use it all of the time, having it in your 'tool box' gives you an advantage over a DJ that dosent. Clients do appreciate it when you do it properly. All of my DJ's mix and it just makes the night flow so much easier. I used to find that it made the night less boring for me also when I used to DJ.
  3. any chance of a copy of the file for the bright side mash-up of your mate. When i do my all day weddings i always do an accoustic set i.e. jack johnson, jose gonzales, newton faulkner etc, and something like that would go down a treat, you can always forward me your mates contact in case anyone wants to get in touch. you never know.

    I also understand if he prefers if you didn't...

  4. ben

    Hello Fellow Djs

    Evening mate
  5. mattyp

    Im finally On here mate! Now where do I start?? :D

  6. is getting his new office hopefully this week - woop woop!!!

  7. ben

    Hi from Future Mobile Discos in Leicester

    Welcome to the forum - its always nice to have more local people on here, nearly all of the DJ's that I work with have come from this place! Just to echo what was said earlier on - No.1 Mobile Disco in Leicester - could get you in a spot of trouble if somebody was to complain about it. Unless you could justify why you were No.1 in terms of bookings taken, turnover etc