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    Re-introducing myself

    Hey again, Andrew!
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    Hey Andy - welcome along!
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    Welcome Lou - sounds like a fun way to be in the business!!
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    Welcome along I love 70s and 80s funk - that was my era as a youngster (well along with Ska, Punk, Disco, Jazz Funk etc lol!) I often play funky tunes as background music and find that a lot of people wiggle and foot tap to it, throw some curves on their way to the bar etc. However it flops big style on the dance floor for most north eastern gigs. If there is a large contingent of southerners (especially london/home counties) then I can get away with it. It's quite strange - I hate to generalise but I do find that in the north east people like their music with a bit of an edge to it. The southerners like 'cooler' music, east yorks/humber tend to be big on the glam rock and of course the north westerners often love a bit of madchester indie/britpop.
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    Hello. Again...

    Hey Mal - how are you?!!!!
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    Welcome along Simon! This section is just to say hello but if you start a topic in the relevant section I'm sure you'll get plenty of help. Be as specific as possible to get the best responses
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    Hi Justin and welcome along - it was good to chat with you the other evening at PhaseOne!
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    Hi Andy and welcome along
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    Welcome along! you'd be better off starting a topic in the relevant section to ask for this kind of help as it will be read by those who frequent those sections more.
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    Hello, again.

    Welcome back, Jay!
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    Welcome along!!
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    Hello All

    Speaking for myself - around 80% of venues I work at regularly have no mobile phone reception and either no wi-fi or a connection which is too slow and unreliable to be usable. Generally hotels provide wi-fi for bedroom areas and perhaps public areas but in many cases the function room is at the other end of the hotel and has no reception. The hotel isnt bothered because they dont see why they should provide wifi for 150 party guests to sit on their phones (which I agree with!). Many old buildings have thick stone walls which kill mobile signals or are in remote locations where there is just no signal anyway. So personally I'd say it was virtual suicide to rely on such things. You could also look at it as a way of being professional - a professional is confidant in saying no where appropriate and for an offbeat, previously unrequested and possibly unheard of song there is no problem with saying no. On the other hand, being seen to use spotify/itunes/unlimited whatever could potentially reinforce the perception of how dumbed down DJing is, how we'll play anything from any source - legal or not and so on. I'm not saying that is correct or the right way to go - just putting it out there as a viewpoint
  15. Colin Cook

    Hi everyone

    I think you hit the nail on the head then. DJs are often gearheads and the vast majority of the time we buy equipment because 'we want to' or because 'we fancy a change' rather than because 'we really need that in order to do our job'. Then we try to justify it. Having spent thousands on gear over the years I never ever use, here is my current way of looking at gear purchases. 1 - do I need this to be able to continue what I'm doing (i.e has something broken an needs repairing. 2 - do I need this in order to offer something I am currently unable to offer (and if so, I do a business plan) 3 - Can I afford it or will I need to finance it and if so how? 4 - Is the purchase to upgrade what I do now e.g. better speakers 5 - Is the purchase to replace something which I have but no longer need/use Those are the main purchasing criteria for me and each one then launches a process. So - for you I'd suggest: 1 - How many 'club style feel' gigs do you currently do, and are they well paid? 2 - How far ahead are these gigs booked usually? 3 - What percentage of these gigs make up your total income? 4 - Is this a market you actively wish to persue? the thinking is - if you only do a couple of these gigs per year then it is crazy to spend good money on gear. Hire it or borrow it as you need it. If you do need to buy stuff but the gigs are booked 3-6 or more months in advance then dont buy till you need to. Get the bookings first, have some money available in your account and then buy. If these gigs make up just a tiny percentage of your bookings and it is not a market you actively wish to pursue then simply turn them down. Learning which gigs to say no to is a really important part of being a professional DJ. If these gigs make up a large part of your bookings or is a market you want to actively pursue then consider not only the lighting but that you might need tot otally rethink your audio. Personally I turn down gigs for 250+ guests unless the clients have the budget to cover hire costs. Generally though I dont do them these days. I also turn down all enquiries which arent for weddings/renewals/gay weddings etc. I dont do christenings, bar/batmitzvahs, birthday parties, karaoke, race nights, kids parties and so on. I appreciate you cant always specialise straight away but it is worth setting limits and targets for the types and size of gigs you want. 'Club Feel' lighting is a very subjective thing and generally we cant screw lights to the ceilings all around the room so some creative thinking is called for. A simple set of moving heads and some LED washes with perhaps a strobe if that is your thing will cover it - but start getting some bookings under your belt first. I have 4 discharge moving heads. The last time I used all 4 was about 5 years ago. I did use 2 of them about 18 months ago. The rest of the time they sit in their boxes waiting for their next electrical safety test. Then go back in until the next one lol! I have many legnths of truss, winchstands and all sorts of gear that I never, ever use! Try to buy smart and just buy once. It can be really hard but you'll get lots of advice on here