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  1. Jheeze 2 man in the gym about to go to blows!

  2. LOL my grandad is using twitter! Legend

  3. An apple store, Tinseltown, wagamamas and a second Nandos... Watford's moving up (it couldn't have really got worst)

  4. Sexually molesting the wall whilst trying to find a light switch

  5. If you have 1368 friends on Facebook, why did you take a photo of yourself in the mirror?

  6. Anyone else really bored with music that's out there at the moment?

  7. To all those seeing twilight tonight, let me save you £8... Bella dies at the end :)

  8. OMG I can't believe Bella dies at the end if twilight... Oops :)

  9. “@BenJWoodman: Fatman Scoop, G-Unit and Daniel Bedingfield... Is this Kisstory or under 18s Destiny?! What next... Baby cakes?!” Haha

  10. How do five gay guys walk? In One Direction.

  11. Who's on Hot Creations next Saturday at #WHP

  12. Hi @tomskitomski came across your blog whilst searching for my name as a domain. Your blogs an interesting read for sure! #KeepItUp

  13. I just want a chance to prove that money does buy happiness that's all

  14. I just entered to win 2 VIP Tickets and a nights stay at @Hot_Creations presents Paradise @WHP_Mcr http://t.co/a1S8A8RD