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  1. Mark Hayter


    hi welcome to the forum..... Are you a DJ? What special topics do you want to discuss?
  2. Mark Hayter

    Hello People from You're DJ!

    welcome! Can you give us a bit of background etc? and also equipment list for us geeks! Enjoy!
  3. Mark Hayter

    new dj from basildon

    another DJ from basildon....are we allowed more than 1 DJ from basildon on here? chuck Dizzy off,let's have some fresh blood! Welcome welcome DizzyDJ lives in your neck of the woods and I'm from canvey..let us know more about you, experience, equipment etc...we all like to know details (plus we could pass some work your way!)
  4. Mark Hayter

    hello all

    Hi, welcome!
  5. Mark Hayter

    I think I might have made it?

    Hi Matt Welcome aboard the good ship MDJF
  6. has not set their status

  7. Mark Hayter


    karaoke - buy the essential sets if you have no karaoke at all...and then get a couple of the latest discs...select a track is quite good for downloading tracks, but very expensive
  8. Mark Hayter


    iTunes sell music videos now... Or get the mixmash discs from Ian or straight from their site.
  9. Mark Hayter

    Hi! My name is.. (what?) My name is.. (who?)

    canvey born n bred! Went to Castle View 86-91
  10. Mark Hayter

    Hi! My name is.. (what?) My name is.. (who?)

    CANVEY ISLAND, CANVEY ISLAND!!! WOOOOOOW OOOOO Hello, my names Mark and I'm from Canvey Island! Welcome posh Rayleigh Man! Neil is DizzyDJ on here.....although there are other neil's also!
  11. Mark Hayter

    Hi Wedding DJ - Essex - UK :0)

    for a wedding venue, I would say that the lights aren't up to much. They really need some lights they can control, keep on certain colour, move to certain positions etc. some uplighting I expect would look really good..maybe give them a few pics of some of the uplighting pics on the web.....
  12. Mark Hayter

    Hi Wedding DJ - Essex - UK :0)

    Tip number 1 - Get an external soundcard! Tip number 2 - Make sure it's not on mute as well! sounds like you bagged a good residency there.....what's the equipment set up? whereabouts in chelmsford?
  13. Mark Hayter

    Hi Wedding DJ - Essex - UK :0)

    Hey welcome! Essex boy here too....canvey island...for my sins!
  14. Mark Hayter

    Hello people!

    wow, lots of residencies there....busy boy...what kind of nights do you do? oh, and hello!
  15. Mark Hayter

    Hi Evrey one

    hi mate, welcome....care to tell us a little about yourself?