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  1. Darlo

    New Boy

    Wow still using a 00VJ - whatever happened to them? My OODJ is currently in pieces in my garage as I stopped using it many moons ago when things started to break like the touch screen and USB ports rendering it pretty useless! Tried taking it apart then gave up.
  2. Darlo


    Hi Max Welcome along!
  3. Darlo


    Those friends were the legendary Falling Frog, wonder what happened to those guys!
  4. Darlo


    Welcome along!
  5. Darlo

    Erm Hello

    Wow the Internet really is slow down there in the West Country!
  6. Darlo


  7. Darlo

    Erm Hello

  8. Darlo

    Erm Hello

    Alreet Luverrr! I've missed you I have!
  9. Darlo

    Hello All - been away for a while

    Hi Merv Welcome back LOL
  10. The majority of the Spotties back then are no longer Spotties now so could end up being a completely different thread, although not sure if we have many on here now?
  11. Darlo

    Back Again

    Welcome Back!
  12. A blast from the past indeed! Welcome back Cav, nobody can forget that thread which really did wind people up the wrong way just a little bit! Whatever did happen to Dion & Pee Cee?
  13. Darlo


    Welcome ALX Do you always talk about yourself in 3rd person?
  14. Playing at G Casino, Coventry tonight! Trying out the MC6000!

  15. I quite like that Samsung galaxy camera! Is it any good though?