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  1. ppentertainments

    hello from sunderland

    Bloody hell, who left the door open ??? Alright mate, good to see you.
  2. ppentertainments

    New Mobile DJ

    Hi Andrew. Was going to mention the forums to you when I saw you, but you beat me to it. Good to hear your going out with Steve, best way to learn. As I said last night once I get some non all-day discos I will let you know and your welcome to help shift kit about - I mean come along for ideas lol
  3. ppentertainments

    What to charge for New Year's Eve

    Well, booked up for NYE this year for a change. Fee - worthwhile
  4. ppentertainments

    Just introducing myself

    :o Welcome along Shaun mate
  5. ppentertainments

    My 1st Wedding Booking (games)

    Cue Paul (Supersound)
  6. ppentertainments

    Taybarns Tuesday night

    Told you there were some drawbacks to this forum Steve :lol: :lol: :lol: Laughing at Paul and his 'Fat Git' comment. The waitress came with a tray of drinks as I was about to get up and go to the toilet. I informed her that the drinks were 'for the fat lad over there'. She looked at our table, then looked back at me as much to say 'Which one ??' :lol: Welcome along anyway Steve.
  7. ppentertainments

    Howdy :)

    Hi Charlie
  8. ppentertainments

    How Do

    Alright Mate, No hiding here now
  9. Why, Hello david, good to see you here too.
  10. ppentertainments


    Hello, My name is Chris and together with my dad I run pp entertainments (don't ask how we got the name). As well as Disco's we also do Karaoke, Kids Parties and Race Nights and also offer Wedding photography (Disco and Photography in one package). We have been dj'ing for over 10 years taking it as a serious business for the past 2 years.
  11. ppentertainments


    Fancy.............. Nice to see some names I recognise
  12. ppentertainments


    I certainly am. I received an e-mail from yourself about the NADJ meeting in Darlington a couple of months back. I intended to go as am interested in joining, but had a gig that night. Will have to get my finger out and get it sorted !!