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  1. Elle Taylor Derek Somerville its creepy rabbit !!!!!!!!!

  2. A shot from last night's wedding at friars carse

  3. Anyone on my friends list lack toast and tolerant?




    Gotta see this

    Derek Somerville Craig Inglis Jamie Benson

  5. Did you or someone you know get engaged this Christmas? Drop me a message for a special Christmas offer for weddings and engagement parties. Feel free to share this post to anyone you think will benefit.

  6. If you know anyone who has recently got engaged or are actively planning their wedding then please feel free to share. www.David-Munro.co.uk

  7. Derek Somerville you last week haha

  8. If in doubt..... flat out

  9. Thought they didn't need roads?

  10. Only in Motherwell

  11. Use my Uber promo code, davidm25680ue, and get £10 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it at https://www.uber.com/invite/davidm25680ueHere's a wee promo code so you get £10 off your taxi out of town. Used them last night, knew exactly when the taxi was coming, who the driver was and cheaper than a hack too. Worth signing up

  12. Sharing this for a friend. Amazing videograoher for weddings.

  13. Any truck driver friends agree with my comments on this?