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  1. Karaoke tonight - who's coming?!

  2. Little fragile this morning. But how nice was I singing a song and changing the lyrics to Maureen! I need a mcds delivered please.

  3. Off to cinema with my good friend Amy :)

  4. Derby day karaoke starting now!

  5. I need a VGA amplifier... Any recommendations?!

  6. Karaoke at Queens, Ryhope tonight... Feel free to pop in and sing a song!

  7. Karaoke at The Queens, Ryhope tomorrow night! Come along and sing a song!

  8. Gary (GDK)

    New member

  9. The #Mars Bar advert, I hope those guys are wearing underwear! #jumparound #justsaying


    #cdwm the ET joke was that bad my grandad wouldn't tell anyone it!

  11. Guess what I'm drinking tonight?! http://t.co/zGw9kepr