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  1. Lou Wells


    How did it go? ...and don't worry, we make 'ceilidh' difficult to spell so it's harder for folks to find out about it
  2. Lou Wells


    Thanks for the warm welcome folks. I'm sure I'll throw some ceilidh related stuff into the mix for anyone interested (in another part of the site) as it's a great way to have loads of interaction with your crowd and helps you get to know them quickly.
  3. Lou Wells


    Hi folks, Just saying a quick hello as I'm new to the forum. Came into the world of DJ through the side door and kinda surprised myself. I call/host Ceilidhs (wild Scottish dancing!) at weddings and parties and was being asked more and more to DJ afterwards. After a few 'fly by the seat of my pants' moments, I thought I better learn a bit more about it and make a proper effort to do things right. Now it's full on wedding season and I'm loving it. Still learning in a big way, but having a lot of fun at the same time. This looks like a good place to hang out and get to know other fantastic folks who're focused on throwing the best parties. Thanks for letting me join, Lou