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    Hi everybody. I've been a DJ since my teens having started my own mobile disco, eventually 'progressing' to pub, bar & club residencies around the North East. I spent a few years working in the town where I was born, Consett before moving to Manchester - it was then that I got a break & landed a residency in Newcastle (!) and ultimately Whitley Bay. I jacked it all in around 2003 having fallen out of love with playing music to customers who'd had way too much to drink but was talked into doing walk-in mobile gigs in September last year... Just to see if I could ever find it fun again. Which I did. A lot! I've now got my first 'proper' (ish) rig (WAY better than anything I could've dreamed of in the mid 1990s) & a hotel residency where I've spent the majority of weekend evenings in the last 13 months. I'm always on the lookout for hints, tips.. infact anything involving learning how to be a better DJ. In my day job I'm an electronic technician working with power electronics which isn't as fun as it might sound.