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  1. Dj Larry G

    Hello All

    Cheers Guys Great to be on board
  2. Dj Larry G

    Hello All

    Hello and good day to everyone. I suppose I better get the formalities sorted first my name is Larry and I live in a town (Coatbridge) just 9 miles outside of Glasgow I have been doing parties and disco's for longer than I care to remember think it started with vinyl as far back as the late 70's early 80's at family parties so its been a wee while, I gave it all up when I got married but over the past 10 years I now use cd's/laptop I started it all up again (something about it that draws me back) been working locally pubs, clubs, hotels so when I came across your page I thought it was only natural that I should sign up. So here's to a few more years at least !!! but humphing the gear around does take a little longer everytime I get it out now but when its all up and running its always worth it ................. Dj Larry G