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  1. Thats pretty much what I thought, I would more than likely work the Altos too hard If I were to include one Alto Sub 18 in my set up, would you suggest a pair of DXR 15's or DXR 12's
  2. Yep thats a decent thread Hi groovindj. I bought the sub a month or so ago & was looking to buy Alto TS115a's but ive since heard too many mixed reviews about the Altos & im not sure theyre powerful enough to handle 250 people. Thats why I was considering Yamaha or DB Opera tops. Its just so confusing im at my wits end with this
  3. Thanks guys sorry I meant Yamaha DXR doh!! Thanks for the thread ill read that now.
  4. Hi DJDJ thanks for the welcome, I have heard both speakers recently in a sales room enviornment & they both sound great, but im keen to hear from anybody who uses either of these speakers so I can obtain thier true opinion as to the sound quality & power at live events rather than a sales room. Thanks again
  5. Hi all im Gary back djiing after 30 years away....its changed!!! Im doing only 10 events per annum to a crowd of 150 to 250 people. My dilemna is which active speakers to choose Yamaha RMX15's or DB Opera 915DX. I already own an active sub (Alto TS18) I intend using just this one sub with a pair of cabs. Has anyone had experience with either of these speakers. In understand from Yamaha the 7 year warranty is NOT transferrable but a dealer in Essex advises me the DB Warranty (also 7 years) IS transferrable. Any thoughts that could help me decide would be most appreciated. Thanks