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  1. azdeejay

    Hi everyone

    Colin, I think I mispoke a little bit , I was basing my opinion off a limited number of moblile DJ's and what they do, so I was I am not surprised it came across like it did. I do see a lot of mix, some include a basic setup, some charge extra , and everything in between. The idea I have in my head with lighting is I can do both a simple light set up, or if the client wants more of a club style feel, I can do that as well, I would hate to limit myself if I dont need to ,but at the same, why spend more money and get in over my head is also a point. You did bring up some points that I am pretty sure I did take into consideration. I am sort of letting the excitment of buying new toys if you will kind of get in the way And I agree 100%, the sound is the most important part, and that is what I trying to focus on more than the lighting.
  2. azdeejay

    Hi everyone

    I would love to spend RCF type money on the speakers, but thats not gonna happen right now , I do however think I have the speakers/sub picked out, still doing my research though on the speakers in the price range that I want to spend. As for lighting , I agree, we love our lights here, but it seems to so they can charge the clients more for serives, and putting on a show, but what I really gather, its all about them , and less about what the clients may really need or want, of course, thats just my opinion I am gathering from being on the forums for us on this side of the pond. I am trying to not spend a lot on lighting , but with the package I have built, its sitting at $1000US , I am trying to build flexabiltty into , where i can use it all, or just part of it , whatever the needs may be, I think right now, I have a total of 9 fixtures, and a two tripod truss system . Depending on what my final choice of speakers/sub is, I might add four more Par 4's to it. Its just seems that if you dont have lights here, you wont make as much money. I envy you and how simple and easy your system sounds, and that is something I am trying to do as well, keeping down the setup/tear down times.
  3. azdeejay

    Hi everyone

    Thank you Colion, doing the contest this year, really helpped me, after a few minutes(and a hour getting the techinal isssues fixed) I was prefectly relaxed on mic, and was actually having a good time, so I think I am going to be ok there. I do agree with you about the equipment, so far, my expense is going to be in the speakers and getting some lighting, I dont want to cut corners on speakers this time, its about the most important piece in the chain. I am going to save money where I can, but going to spend it where it counts, mostly, the speakers and lighting. I will say this a lot more of a freindly forum then some of the other ones Cheers
  4. azdeejay

    Hi everyone

    Thank you for the welcome guys, sorry its taken me a bit to reply back., little bit about myself, going on 35 this , I come from a line of DJ's, my dad and brother both worked in radio, so its in the blood if you will. I first got my hand in it back in 1999 , made friends with the DJ that did the bowling allyes Cosmic bowling , and he left me give it ago and work with him. I do mobile and started with it in 2010 doing a bar gig on Friday nights. Right now, I am starting over if you will, rebuildng the business , my last paid gig was in 2013 , it was a wedding, after that, I lost my confidence in myself as a DJ, so I stopped trying to get more gigs and to grow the business. Part of the reason was didnt have the money to invest, and I needed better equpiment, it was all bottom of the barel crap. I realized I had a lot learn still, and that is what I have been doing , right now, my projected goal is to get started back up 2016, I slowly working on it, hopefully going to be purchasing and replace 95% of the crap I have now, the only thing that I wont be replacing are my mics(buying new mics though) and my DN MC6000 , and my speaker stands. For the last couple of years, I have been doing PA services for my local model club, and our annual model car contest, this I did the announments and raffle price give away thoughout the day, and did the awards presention (I did not MC it, just set up the equp), its free gig, which I offer to do. I think that about covers it so far
  5. azdeejay

    Hi everyone

    Hello everyone, Jonathan here, and I am from Arizona