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  1. Hi all. Signed up to this forum a couple of weeks ago in the hope of getting some advice/guidance from all you fellow DJs out there. Let me introduce myself: My name is Pete (DJ name is Kick Ass). While not brand new to DJ'ing (I've had my Numark Direct Drive decks for about 12 years!) it's only been the last couple of years when I've started to properly "learn the art" of being a DJ. I've been quite lucky in that my brother's friend organises regular DJ nights at a local pub, and have done a couple of DJ sets there (first one was ok, second was much better!). Competition for spots is high, so only get 1 gig a year though. The music I DJ'd at those events was my true love: 90's happy hardcore! I also have many other records covering 90's dance, piano classics, rave, italian house, and old skool. All 90's and all awesome! I have recently purchased some equipment to start up as a mobile DJ - business cards being handed out whenever I can! I'd be interested to hear from DJs with similar music tastes who maybe need extra DJ's for events or might want a DJ such as myself to play at a party, but also to get help/advice from those in a similar position. Cheers for reading. Pete (DJ Kick Ass)