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  1. Vessy

    New Mobile DJ

    I was in the same situation as you regarding music, a 10 year gap to fill with legal content. I did the same as suggested, compilations from anywhere and everywhere, ebay and amazon marketplace were probably the best, then got a produb and all is well. I was lucky to be part of a pretty successful family disco, years going along as a helper gave me the confidence and knowledge, I was DJing weddings at 18 in 5 star hotels, so I would say that if you have the confidence and knowledge your age shouldn't be an issue. Take any offers of help.
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  3. Vessy

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Everybody, Been told you're all nice and friendly so thought I would give it a go! Hung up my headphones about 12 years ago to concentrate on career & family but now itching to get back into something I love, Mobile DJ'd from the age of 17 for about 10 years, we went under the name of Half Pint Roadshows and were based around the Surrey / Hampshire area running 3 rigs, luckily for me it was all my fathers equipment so no financial outlay! Been helping a local friend out with his roadshow and now seems the right time to go it alone. I've kept up with things over the years (music & technology) and now mix using Virtual DJ but have very little equipment (expect many questions asking for all your advice!!) It will be a long road to get a rig up to anything like what I used to use, but a fun road I hope. Well thats me, I hope I can also bring something usefull to the forums. Best Regards Mark.