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  1. Bossmankaraokedisco

    New Boy

    Hi and welcome along Dave
  2. Bossmankaraokedisco

    Hi All!

    Hi Scott You following me LOL That Kam mixer is really doing the business, Nice to see you on here
  3. Bossmankaraokedisco

    Hi all from the Midlands

    I know, I get fed up of it when you go somewhere and they say oh its Disco Dave...........I prefer Boss LOL
  4. Bossmankaraokedisco

    Hi all from the Midlands

    Hi all Coventry based Full time mobile DJ, trading since 1982, and incorporating Karaoke since 2005. Party style DJ mainly covering weddings, birthdays, engagements and all private parties. Hope to get to network and meet a few of you guys in the future. Dave
  5. Bossmankaraokedisco

    Hi all from the Midlands

    Know what you mean, its a popular name and there does seem to be lots of Disco Daves Not a problem I dont mind pushy. Well a bit about me then, I am 49, yes I hit the Big 5 0 this year but dont hold that against me lol, I started DJing nearly 30 years ago and with the exception of a few years at the end of the 1990's I have not stopped. Run the business full time from 1985 - 1992 and then went full time again in 2008. Website could do with a revamp but have had a few comments from clients how nice and simple (like me) it is, all pics on the website are from my shows.......Fave venues, there are so many across the Midlands, I like the Standard Triumph club, Coventry and Marriott hotel (Forest of Arden) is a nice hotel to work at, to be honest theres too many to list.