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  1. gonzo.pete

    New to mobile djing

    Being a Traktor veteran I used to look down my nose at VDJ though I have come to realise it deserves more credit than I previously gave it. It boosts ease of use, good general stability and, should it be your thing, lots of skins & theme options. Where Traktor starts to outperform all other DAW's however is in its advanced MIDI scripting interface, FX hosting, EQ representation, beatgridding abilities and sync accuracy. Should you use timecode it also has the most accurate emulation. If you intend to compile complex MIDI modifiers and instructions you would be wise to look at Traktor Pro 2. This is something that does require a bit of time and effort to get your head round, but once you understand the basic commands the possibilities for external control are limitless. Beatgridding may also require a little tuition but again the results for your mixing and track accuracy can greatly enhance transitions and waveform accuracy. I'll conclude that VDJ will get the job done just fine if all you are doing is basic transitions and MIDI programming. If however you have the time, inclination and money to spend exploring Traktor it may well prove to be the best move to cover all bases. On a side note, you don't have to use an NI Audio soundcard. I use the soundcard in my EKS OTUS with great results. You may be experiencing driver issues. Have a look for the ASIO for all drivers and see if that helps. I've heard the setup between DJM700 & Traktor can be a right Mare so a little research may be needed
  2. gonzo.pete

    Hi from Devon....Long time DJ, first time business

    aha the second best cardinal direction in Devon Cheers mate
  3. gonzo.pete


    Welcome................not been here long myself but already learned a ton and the people are so very helpful
  4. gonzo.pete

    Hi All!

    Welcome...........but don't you think you're taking the "mobile" DJ thing to extremes....................the first flying mobile disco
  5. gonzo.pete

    Hi from Devon....Long time DJ, first time business

    No sooner had you typed that westy that they've changed the theme to the 60's, but have requested to only play a sprinkling of 60's stuff LOL............ok then!!! Can anyone recommend some of the more swinging, funky 60's tunes???
  6. gonzo.pete

    Hi from Devon....Long time DJ, first time business

    Ohhh the claws are out already I'd love to come and help out with you or Topnotch. If you have any jobs up my way then please drop me a PM. I'd be glad of the experience. Cheers guys, everyone is very welcoming
  7. gonzo.pete

    Hi from Devon....Long time DJ, first time business

    ah the politics of the mobile DJ is more complex than I first thought. I'd love to get some experience at a gig if you have any in this neck of the woods-thanks, that would be really appreciated. I must say I'm a little surprised about the attitude of "competition" in the DJ fraternity. Its refreshing to see that its more about helping your fellow DJ, scratching each other backs so to speak and less about the cut throat undercutting of your immediate competition.
  8. gonzo.pete

    Hi from Devon....Long time DJ, first time business

    LOL <swoosh> thats the sound of that first one going over my head. Bit of a heavy night last night so the brain is ticking along at minimum power this evening
  9. gonzo.pete

    Hi from Devon....Long time DJ, first time business

    Ah you must mean the Brends establishments!?!?! Thats a got to be a sweet little number. Plenty of do's and the like to keep you busy. I've got all my business cards on the way and so am going to spend a day hitting all the local pubs and hotels, with a brief intro and drop off a card. Do you think I should tout myself as value/budget DJ to get established or jump straight in with the going rate, locally?? I understand the whole cheap & cheerful DJ thing is a bit of a controversial subject with so many pro's about but surely its how you gain experience and build a name for yourself?!?!
  10. gonzo.pete

    Hi from Devon....Long time DJ, first time business

    Greetings fellow Devonian I hail from the North of our fair county. Barnstaple to be more precise. Any advice to a newcomer would much appreciated. In fact I wondered what you have found to be your best "advertising" method in the area. I'm signed up to the usual suspects Yell, Thompson, UK-Disco and I've launched a site. Curious as to which medium my efforts might be best focused on? I'm a bit wary of the local rags as their prices are very prohibitive to a newb. Obviously the most effective advert is word of mouth-but thats of little benefit when I haven't had a gig yet LOL
  11. gonzo.pete

    Hi from Devon....Long time DJ, first time business

    Oh no you misunderstand. What I meant is at home and for fun I mix those genre's and its what got me interested in starting my own business and expanded into all genre's with the mobile disco side. I'm all to aware I'll rarely get to play any of my preferred tunes, but at the end of the day its all music and it keeps me on "the scene" Besides which the theme is "big fat gypsy wedding" so I'm packing the Shakira, Rihanna and Pussycat dolls etc LOL
  12. Hey guys. I'm Liam from Devon. I've been DJ'ing for 10 years plus but this is my first foray into mobile disco's. For pleasure I mix breakbeat, techno and dubstep but was looking to expand my knowledge and make a bit of money from my passion. First gig is booked, 13 year olds Birthday party. Excitedly nervous. I look forward to trawling the boards