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  1. Ian

    New Boy

    Yep, so do I...many many many years ago!
  2. Ian

    New Boy

    I remember being partly involved in the development of the 00VJ...still have the original drawings somewhere on a harddrive.
  3. Denise Wood see see!

  4. Ian

    Erm Hello

    It's fair to say MDJF has it's own place in history.
  5. DJ friends look in... I'll be in Glasgow...so this Is my personal invite to you! Don't be blinkered, go with an open mind :)

  6. Ibiza soul week is just around the corner Amanda Davey Stacey, Euan Bass

  7. Sooooo..all my work for the day is done, let's do an impromptu 2hr slot on the wonderful A1 Radio between 4pm and 6pm :) Tune in shortly on www.a1radio.co.uk for musical goodness

  8. Nooooooooooooooooo

  9. Ibiza soul week pool music

  10. Thanks for sending through your quote, as we've booked a rodeo bull can you look at reducing your DJ costs?

  11. That moment a random comes up and says "80's music now, otherwise you won't be paid later!"Ahem, I've got news for you....

  12. Or thereabouts

  13. "Hi Ian, Sorry for the delay & also to let you know we booked someone else who was considerably cheaper but very good quality. Many thanks,"

  14. Any of my FB friendlies here familiar with the Focusrite 6i6 interface or similar?