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    Hi Guys, Is there anyone out there who needs a hand & is willing in showing me the ropes in the West Midlands area (Please see the First Post) Any help would be appreciated cheers
  2. gallorg

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    Hi Guys, Thanks for the welcome & advice. I will have a look in the gallery, but if some could tell me the difference in the eqipment i would appreciate it. I roughly have about £1000 to invest in the gear cheers
  3. gallorg

    Hello Hello

    Hi Guys, I finally decided after years of wanting to be a mobile dj, that i would enquire into it after being made redundant My only expierience is standing next to a Hi-Fi with either my laptop or ipod providing the music for small party's which are my friends & family Im quite prepared to help anyone who is willing to learn me the ropes. I have all the music on my portable hard drive (itunes) its just things like Equipment (speakers,mixer,amps & lighting), Insurance & any other stuff that i have no realised. I look forward to hearing from you Oh i almost forgot, my name is Paul & i live in Solihull All the best PS - Aplogies if this isnt the right place to ask for advice cheers