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  1. Has Spring Sprung?

  2. mjmac

    Wedding DJ just joined the forum.

    welcome along Matthew... love the setup and the sound system!
  3. mjmac

    Vinyl DJ taking you back to the 90's!

    Welcome along Pete, One of my observations about your post is that you are into your mixing - do you have a website with demo mixes? This will give you an opportunity to advertise your skills and score nights... other ways to get work could be djing at your local fashion shops, normally for free, but a huge opportunity to hand out some cards if/when people come over to you. i love all the sounds you mention and have dj'd thru most of those genre's. Happy hardcore i left to my cousin tho (dj dougal aka paul clarke)... For you to actually get anywhere in the mobile business would be to score some private bookings - aiming for the 18ths, and hope its the first 18th of all the friends.. (this works for all milestone birthdays ie 21 & 40 etc) then if you do a good job you will get a bunch of calls asking you to dj the rest of the clan... With the 90s being a popular genre for 40 year olds... you could try and corner the market and specialize in that area, but you will limit your booking ability to a very select market. word & mouth is my biggest mode of bookings, however i do have a website for my dj business and a podcast page where i exercise my passion for music.. i dont actually use the podcast page to promote my dj business as the music i love is nothing like the music i play at parties. its a fine line between us djs being a club or mobile joc... most club djs will do a 1hr set in one specific genre (and be type cast), while a mobile joc will be playing all the hits form across the decades... something i debate frequently amongst my dj friends - im regarded as a dj hoe round my way as i play to the crowd and dont exercise my passion for house music... but im an entertainer and earn a good living from my dj work... while they scratch around for opportunities to dj their passion - and normally unpaid. having a vast array of music is a good start for a mobile joc. Family parties can be so random... you may get asked to play some ska or swinging 60s.. all the way thru to current RnB / chart music.... So building up your music library is paramount. To overcome some of these issues you can always ask for the type of music when you get a booking, have a chat with the client... you're not looking for precise track names (unless they want one or two specifics - ie a first dance at a wedding), but more for indication of what to be prepared for than anything else. You are way off my area so no point me offering you some work, Bishopstoke is a good 2hr drive on a good day to Essex via the m25 & the dartford crossing. I quite often use a dj shop in Eversley (back up the m3 from you) called RSD music... run by David Reed... he is very helpful, knows the business inside out and holds lots of dj goodies in stock, certainly worth a visit as those direct drive decks will be a complete pain to set up / knock down at every gig! I think that covers it from me... info overload best wishes and good luck!
  4. Building towards for a busy Christmas!

  5. mjmac

    Can't shake it off...

    Welcome Phil... i too am an essex based dj... where are you based?
  6. shiver me timbers -3°C out there.. essex boys dont do the cold!

  7. killer weekend ahead... will i come out the other side alive? ;o)

  8. they say 4G will be with us during 2013... i'd love to get decent 2G... and can only dream about 3G lol

  9. been a hectic weekend - two huge parties that went down a storm!

  10. working with the wonderful Beverley Knight this weekend... its a hard life! ;)

  11. Approaching 100gig of downloads in the last 10 days.. amazing! hope you like the diverse mix of music on my podcast server http://mj_macintosh.podomatic.com

  12. mjmac


    Its funny you should say that as i have experienced comments first hand at one of my recent gigs with zero radio. Most of the guys on the station are old school and work the floor with the mic and play tracks from drop to dorp with vocals between... beat matching has never been top priority for them! I had a 45min set slap bang in the middle of two such old school dj's (it was my first gig with them playing 80s stuff). A pair of tracks that set the floor on fire during my set was i found lovin mixed with joy & pain - now i dropped the bass out of i found lovin and replaced this with the melody of joy & pain... all in the mix of course... then quickly moved back into i found lovin... crowd reaction was huge... just dropping in teasers and moving back out... i then later dropped the track from the first vocal... it was a very good night! So beat matching is noticed by crowds young & old alike and can work wonders when done right... but im a firm beleiver of getting on the mic too... as track after track can become monotonous... i love getting interactive with the crowd
  13. mjmac


    As you can see beatmatching isnt really be all and end all when it comes to DJing from the comments above... there's a lot more to it thant being in the mix 100% of the night! Most of my work over the years has been heavily involved with beatmatching - club work sort of drives this form of djing... however, in my time ive come across lots of dj's who beat match but dont really understand the rhythm of the music or key of the track! Their sets have been very poor and have no direction - their efforts do not work the crowds - to me this is the whole reason we do the job... crowd reaction & ensuring they have a good time! And that doesnt mean dropping robin s right at the begining of the night If you really want to beat match understand the music & rhythm, work with closely matched keys & bpm's for best effect... however moving up and down thru the keys and bmp ranges will add variation to your nights. Some tracks will simply not match - this is where you find a drop and work the mic/floor to your advantage! virtual dj, like any other pc/mac based djing software takes away much of the fun (i think) of what we once did with the trusty 1210 record deck! However, the likes of traktor and serato open up a whole new way of expressing your music coupled with loops & fx - but remember do subtle and smoth, dont go and do a jive bunny special and loop to the extreme or use fx that just make a noise! most of all enjoy what you do and the music you play!
  14. mjmac

    MJ intro

    its been a long time coming - at least 10 years of working with kit that 'mad do'... time to put the earnings back into the roadshow! i love the sound... its very smooooooth and easy on the ear... and of course very loud if i want it to be
  15. Hi all... looking forward to chatting and sharing ideas!