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  1. dunny

    Hi all from the Midlands

    welcome dave, plenty of helpful people on here
  2. dunny

    Starting up again

    congratulations on getting back on the road again. I would advise listening to some good advice giving on these types of forums, really improved my game since joining to be honest good luck and hope it goes well
  3. dunny

    What to charge for New Year's Eve

    i havent got a booking this year yet but over the last say 4-5 years i have gone out for anywhere between £300-550. all have been over by 12.30 last year though a new venue booked me through another dj. was for £350. i had been booked for 3 months and they cancelled a week before, saying they hadnt sold enough tickets. i had turned down other gigs for NYE but was now to late to get another. so i decided to go down to the venue on NYE and they had a big sign outside saying no tickets left SOLD OUT. From that moment on i will be taking a big deposit on NYE as they didnt seem to care but i managed to squeeze £50 out of them
  4. dunny

    Hi, Adam Here!

    hi adam, welcome to the forum. are they datamoons in your rig. if so they look very nice
  5. dunny

    Been watching for a while

    welcome along and enjoy your stay
  6. dunny

    Midlands DJ!

  7. dunny

    My 1st Wedding Booking (games)

    does seem weird having games in a wedding
  8. dunny

    My 1st Wedding Booking (games)

    naked leapfrog is always a good game to throw in there
  9. dunny


    welcome to the site, im also new here
  10. dunny

    new welsh dj

    depends n the venue but most of the venues are very small and i get asked to lower the volume sometimes even with the active yamahas. im looking to go to 15'' actives instead soon, to have a little more bottom end on the speakers without a sub
  11. dunny

    new welsh dj

    the one freeman had was quite nice, only cost £40 and i would only use that on 18th birthdays, 21st birthdays, kids parties. at the moment i use a black cloth which looks tidy. obviously wouldnt use a banner in a wedding, engagement etc. i very rarely take my active sub out with me. The venues are usually quite small and the yamaha msr400's do the trick with ease. will be saving for some QSC k12's though. im trying to make things a little bit smaller and lighter but still have the quality. willing to take advice into consideration off anyone though
  12. dunny

    new welsh dj

    aye it is me. been told about this forum for a while but didnt know what it was called. now i do. currently trying to sort out some of my gear, selling a cortex hdc3000 to get a numark dds or d2 director. think they will suit me more to be honest. bought a 4ft deckstand 2 weeks ago and wish i had done it years ago. much easier and looks so much better. getting a subtle banner made up this week. trying to get my lights more semetrical and simple. finally sorted out some speaker stands and PLI. Doubt i will use my active sub anymore as i dont really need it.
  13. dunny

    new welsh dj

    nice looking site
  14. dunny

    new welsh dj

    hi i have just found and joined this site. im a mobile dj from the south wales area. hope to stick around here for some time