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  1. BlueMoonSteve

    Hello everyone

    Hi karen, welcome to the forum, I dont dj anymore, but keep and eye on here from time to time, trust me when i say this, this forum will make your dj business. Take every bit of advice, most people on here have been doing this for tens of years and have made every mistake possible, so they are trying to help. Btw i have a load of second hand gear going, including a numark cm200 usb mixer (built like a tank) and amps etc. I would avoid maplins for most things as im pretty sure the staff dont know as much about dj kit as folks on here. Cheers
  2. BlueMoonSteve

    New Mobile DJ

    Send me a pm with your mobile number on mate and ill give u a text. Im in the north east but not for much longer so can help you out before I go. Steve
  3. BlueMoonSteve

    Saying hello and also got a few bits for sale

    U being serious? Welcome along but I think u r having giraffe with those speakers.
  4. BlueMoonSteve

    Newbie Here

    Welcome , where in germany u based ? My sis in law and bro in law are in germany too. Both based near guttesloh I think. Steve
  5. BlueMoonSteve

    Another Newbie

    Welcome mate, you will learn fast here. Loads of great advice and tips. Steve
  6. Just out of curiosity, what behringer sub are you selling? :)

  7. BlueMoonSteve

    Starting up again

    How much did you pay? Hello by the way.
  8. BlueMoonSteve

    A late hello!

    Hello from a fellow geordie! Welcome .
  9. BlueMoonSteve

    Hi everyone

    Hi Rob, Welcome, no doubt plenty of advice to be had on here. Steve
  10. Off on holiday for two weeks, see ya folks!

  11. BlueMoonSteve

    New to this from Essex...

    hello mate, its easy to sit and read all the info in this place for ages, sometimes good to join in as well. Welcome.
  12. BlueMoonSteve

    Hi All

    Welcome buddy
  13. BlueMoonSteve

    Hi There

    Welcome, im sure you will learn plenty.
  14. BlueMoonSteve

    Hello all,

    Welcome Andy
  15. BlueMoonSteve

    Hello from a Forum Noob

    Ps . Hello mate, Plenty of advice on here, requested or not. Enjoy.