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    Hello from Surrey!

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
  3. MarkDJ

    Hello from Surrey!

    Hi rob, I actually live in new malden, so right next door!
  4. MarkDJ

    Hello from Surrey!

    I should also say that I'm hoping to learn as I'm still a novice!
  5. MarkDJ

    Hello from Surrey!

    Hello, Like to introduce myself as a new member. My names Mark and I'm based in wimbledon/Kingston, Surrey. I'm 23 years old and always dreamt of being a mobile DJ for some reason! I've got my first gig coming up which will be my sisters engagement party (no pressure!), expecting around 80 people to be there. My current setup is: Mackie THA-13 thumps x 2 American dj fusion bar 2 American d triple flex Macboo pro + Hercules mk4 Light + speaker stands Look forward to chatting to you all!