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  1. Pete Dadswell

    Hi From East Sussex

    Hi Dave. Hope all is well down the road
  2. Pete Dadswell

    Hi From East Sussex

    Hi Neighbour How goes it?
  3. Pete Dadswell

    Hi From East Sussex

    Hi Ian I don't want to name names on a public forum, but if you PM me, I will discuss privately. Hi Daryll How are you finding things round the corner
  4. Pete Dadswell

    Hi From East Sussex

    Hi to all my fellow mobile dj's! My name is Pete, and I live in a little town called Lewes, just north of Brighton, and have been a mobile DJ for just over 20 years, and still loving every minute of it!!! I was working for a friend of mine who ran an entertainments agency doing mainly corporate functions and hotels, until we parted company due to a few financial complications . So now I am going it alone/independently. Currently doing 4-8 gigs a month, mainly private parties and karaoke, but would love to be doing more (wouldn't we all). Equipment wise, I use a Numark CD Mix 2 for CD, and a Laptop running Numark Cue for all digital music. Played out through a pair of W-Audio PSA 15's. Lights are mounted on a Ultimax DJ Stand with Truss top. 2 x ADJ Quad Gems, 2 ADJ Revo III's, QTX Elements Laser & ProSound Start Cloth. A humble little show, which fit's nicely in the car, and can cater for the majority of gigs, with a bin on hand if needed for the larger venues. I look forward to chatting with you over the coming year, and beyond. Pete