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  1. Can't sleep, so much to do with no time to do it...

  2. Never felt this bad before - ever!

  3. If there's one grumble about being a DJ - your body clock is fucked!

  4. This time next week ill be in Southampton ready to the best job in ten world. After a night out, I'm sick of Nottingham

  5. Strange, random, fun, weird night out.

  6. Help the orginal bay watch theme tune?!? Mind has gone blank

  7. Eeeeeek next years contract has come through. Aurora!! Don't mind if I do!Portugal, St. Lucia, Barbados, Netherlands Antilles, Panama, Mexico, San Francisco,Honolulu, Bora Bora, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Oman, Dubai, Africa, Egypt, Cyprus, Israel and Italy

  8. Scallops done in a fantastic fashion - thank you :)

  9. Good food & drink, health and family make my Christmas. Roll on to a successful and happy 2013. I've got a good feeling about next year x

  10. Town is utterly vile. Spent 40 minutes in HMV getting several stocking fillers, looked at the que and stormed out. Ugh

  11. I've had a shit year, I've worked hard.... If this flu continues I'll cry.

  12. Never been so fucking stressed

  13. I really really really love my job