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    Hi Ian, Cheers - Appreciate any tips - especially for getting into Weddings quote name='travis1579' timestamp='1291195998' post='169045'] Welcome, good to see another Essex based dj on here, sure you will pick up lots of helpful hints and tips on here, i know i certainly have.
  2. Essex-dj.co.uk

    Essex DJ

    Cheers - if you do have a wedding in Essex I'd appreciate the chance to look on (I'd be happy to help out if I can in return)
  3. Essex-dj.co.uk

    Essex DJ

    I've done a few parties with kinda obscure musical tastes - & found it really helpful if I dont know the Genre - (still a beginner)
  4. Essex-dj.co.uk

    Essex DJ

    Cheeers - much appreciated
  5. Essex-dj.co.uk

    Essex DJ

    OK thanks!
  6. Essex-dj.co.uk

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    Hi, Just joined and wanted to say hello, I've been up and running as a business for just over 2 years & it's building up nicely now, I normally charge £150 for a party, Djing with Vestax equipment but I often use youtube live in a set if I get a request for a track that I don't have. I'm getting mainly house party gigs at the moment - but looking to get more into Weddings. Nice to meet y'all Kind regards, Darren Butler www.essex-dj.co.uk