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    Hi there from up North

    Hi all, Eddie Grice here (stage name Ed the DJ). I am a mobile DJ based in Glasgow, Scotland. Any other Scottish DJs here? I mainly deal with birthday parties and the like (the odd wedding here and there) playing lots of pop music, old stuff and heaps of cheese. I worked in a Glasgow nightclub for a few years, which is where I started out. Here I played several different styles of dance music, mostly donk and scouse, etc. I moved away from the club scene about a year ago to go onto the mobile circuit. I use a fairly basic set-up. Newmark CD-N 88s connected up to a skytronics amp running a pair of decent passives. Goalpost running a few different lights (nothing on DMX just yet). Its been a struggle getting started but things are starting to look up so hopefully early next year I will have some spare cash to upgrade to a more professional system, perhaps make the jump to digital and put the CD-Ns onto back-up. Perhaps get some DMX lighting at some point soon too. See you around on the forums....