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  1. Access All Areas

    Been watching for a while

    Hi Hammy mate. Nice to see you. To see you......Oh never mind. Welcome mate
  2. Access All Areas

    Just introducing myself

    Hi Shaun Cheers for not mentioning me. You can hitch hike back from BPM this year Lol
  3. Access All Areas

    Midlands DJ!

    Hi Charlie It's a bit different on here. But still all good. Hi to Max G I thought you'd been zapped up by Aliens or something. Lol
  4. Access All Areas

    Hello All

    HI Simon Yes there are a lot of familiar names and faces on here Lol
  5. Access All Areas

    Taybarns Tuesday night

    Thanks for the welcome guys. Look forward to chatting to you all soon
  6. Access All Areas

    Taybarns Tuesday night

    Good evening Mr Deckstar or should that be good morning? How are you?
  7. Access All Areas

    Taybarns Tuesday night

    How could I ever forget you Paul.........I look forward to many sparring sessions with you mate
  8. Access All Areas

    Taybarns Tuesday night

    Hi there I was given merciless amounts of stick on Tuesday evening for not being a member of this forum. So rather than feel left out. I tought I'd say hello and see what all lthe fuss was about. My name is Steve Hanley, I run Access All Areas Disco based in Gateshead www.accessallareasdisco.co.uk Appologies if that's not allowed. I think I already know a fair people on here. I'm not just talking about North East DJ's either So Once again hi and glad to be here. Cheers Steve