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    My 1st Wedding Booking (games)

    Cheers fella's Well i have been under the wing of another smaller time dj for roughly 2 years, thats my reason for stating it.. but not once did he do a wedding. I gathered up a small bit of cash bought my own stuff n decided its time i went out on my own. i don't know if its more the region i live in type thing, but they seem pretty into there games, last month i found myself doin childrens games for a 40th :S. Childrens games are a peace of piss.. but like use guys stated.. iv took into consideration its someones big day. so i wanna make sure im entirely prepared. Its not the type of music to play ill have bother with, but i do admit my mic confidence could be better.. but surely is improving.. i aim to be a young tony blackburn by the time may comes round lol. or not. it is still yet a provisional booking, but if they come back ill own up.. hopefully there on a budget and i get it anyway! Cheers Scuba
  2. DJ Scuba

    My 1st Wedding Booking (games)

    Hey guys, hope 2010 went out with a bang! Just got my 1st wedding booking for may there, they asked how long i have been doin it? i said 2 years, if i had told the truth and said a few months i might have lost it. lol. They asked me for wedding games and i said that shouldnt be a problem, trouble is, ring a ring a rosies we all fall down is the best iv got atm. haha. no joking i have a few, but these are more childrens games such as get on the bus (with chairs) etc. I gave them a quote of £200 so theyl not have to remortgage their house, but i still want to built my reputation as more than value. any help with games would be appreciated... cheers guys.
  3. DJ Scuba

    Building my music library

    yeah no sweat dude.. well as it stands my library i about 80% my own stuff.. so im gonna keep it that way!! so to speak.. optin out of the £100 pirate craic.. but reason i joined this forum was to get advice like this .. so glad i did!
  4. DJ Scuba

    Building my music library

    Tea, 2 sugars.. joke. Yea guys i completly accept what you're all trying to say.. I will admit to have a small amount of songs i do not own (Blank CD's iv attained).. but to be perfectly honest i dont think iv used them in my set or will be.. The vast majority of music in my library are cd's tht i have bought in the past.. My hobby is buying proper music and i do intend to keep it that way! i was just wondering about gaining songs that i may not know of so i have them if requested.. thanks for the ebay link.. those NOW CD's sound like a plan! Like i said.. im 19 and just startin out.. so im still a bit naive and careless.. i do apologize lol.. but it is sumfin i wanna do, so will be doing it right!
  5. DJ Scuba

    Building my music library

    Im still new to the world of mobile djing.. i have done a few 18th's and coped ok because my library is full of recent music that i myself have kept up to date.. but i mayb only have a cuple of thousand songs.. I know when i get to the stage of older partys and weddings i will be lost?? any advice on the best way to build my library? i know a fella who can fill my hardrive with 20k odd songs (about 180gb).. for £100.. this looks to be the only way for me! Cheers
  6. DJ Scuba

    Hey folks

    Hey guys, My name is Steven Mullaghan and I'm from Ballymoney in Northern Ireland, iv only joined this forum, Iv just startd up djing too!! Im just a Laptop DJ at the moment.. Im still a Student i have a part time job aswell to fund this... but hopefully my mobile djing career will kick off .. i have done a few birthdays just, i learnt the tricks of the trade of a dj friend of mine who is doing well... im hope'n i can get more advice and Knowledge of u guys tho ... cheers!