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    New to mobile djing

    Welcome Mate, Personally I do not think that Traktor is overkill for the type of work you are doing, I have been using Traktor for well over eighteen months now, the last 13 months at gigs, I have tried out a few other programs but settled on Traktor running on a Mac Book Pro, well two Mac Book Pro's now as it happens. The whole setup has been rock solid without a glitch so far which taking in over a year of gigs gives me further confidence in the setup. I think that in order to make a intelligent choice based on your own requirements, the way in which different DJ programs look and operate its a good idea to have a play around with a few and listen to what others here have to say. Good Luck
  2. Part Time DJ and Musician, Interests are Equipment, Keyboards, Sound Systems, Lighting, Recording, Playing in My Band, Making Money, Looking after my Family, Photography, Filming, Reading, and generally making a fool of myself ! lol

  3. mintjamman

    What to charge for New Year's Eve

    To the OP, think about what its worth to you. If you don't have a gf/wife/partner, and would normally be sitting at home watching Jules Holland, or maybe watch his brother who is also extremely good Jools Holland ! I
  4. mintjamman


  5. mintjamman

    Hi there from up North

    Hi Eddie, Welcome to the forum the more the merrier ! watch that Supersound he's a secret Vampire ! lol
  6. mintjamman

    Please Accept my Honesty....

    Welcome to the forum, I have myself worked extensively in the Holiday Camp circuit albeit some years back now, Blue Coat Shows, Red Coat Shows, Cabaret, Hotels Camps, even once done a complete tour of all Butlins camps one Christmas Season. I never worked as a Blue/Red Coat though, we were the clever people ( The Musicians lol ) No knobbly knees or Glam Grandmother for us ! No seriously the camp circuit was a right laugh and great platform for people to learn their trade and tread the boards, not to mention the constant stream of young ladies eager to have a slice of the limelight, well I did have a Green Light in my chalet if that counts, lol Mintjamman l
  7. mintjamman

    Hardware Selection

    I wanted to cavass the views of you experienced DJs, as I am just getting my stuff together I am undecided on what to select as follows: I cannot make up my mind if I should get a Deck Stand with over head bar or truss or just a deck stand a decent T bar or 2, what are the pros and cons of these setups ? I have four Martin 812s, Two Martin SyncrhoZaps ( Barrells ) and two DataMoons to fly on the over head. I was looking at a Deckstand four feet in width with a 8ft overhead for the job or a deckstand and say two tripods. I need to take in how much spread I can get with the lights from a overhead versus the T Bars. Any suggestions ? Na not them kind, lol
  8. mintjamman

    Building my music library

    Thanks for that, much appreciated !
  9. mintjamman

    Building my music library

    very interesting stuff ! as you guys have been doing this for an age us newbies just need a bit of help and guiding in the right way now Colin gave me the idea regarding tagging mp3s and how to organise your songs, how do you tend to organise a mobile CD song list i.e whats the best way to locate that song in the heat of a gig when the light is low and your trying to keep the floor busy ?
  10. mintjamman

    Building my music library

    Keep an eye on this seller. I bought loads of these in the past. Sorry are these legal genuine disks or illegal copies ? If they are legal and you purchase them with the intent to rip them, the fact that they do not come with covers and inserts how would you stand if you needed to produce them in regards to Produb ?
  11. mintjamman

    PAT Testing

    Well I have started something here ! Colin with all due respect I followed your link to the examples you held up, they fall into two categories, 1. there are examples of people who have passed their PAT testing exams and are not relevant to our topic. 2. The examples of the PAT Certificates are as I thought, generated by the various companies the sort of thing that could be printed out of microsoft office ! they are not legal documents in there own right and the companies who do print recognised PAT stationery do not include such certificates for people who PAT Test. I am not saying that I cannot see why in the instance of Bands and Discos that these have no place in our industry but having had a read up earlier of the relevant legislation I can see no mention about PAT Certificates, the only requirements are that of traceability. If you had a test record listing all items tested, that they had passed and that that record showed the companies details then that would suffice for all possible requirements as far as I can see. In any case megohms and continuity mean nothing to the people we normally deal with those details are for the testers job the Pass is for you or whoever wishes to know. Its also a myth that anyone can buy a PAT tester and start work testing, whilst its possible to buy a PAT tester the person charged with the testing needs to show that they are competent in all areas of the test procedures, the results and understanding the results, having gained a recognised technical certificate having proven the aforementioned criteria that person would be deemed not only competent but also responsible. Also not all PAT machines in the workplace print there results and there are many companies who record the results manually which is all legal. Just as you can buy dentists equipment does not mean that you are qualified to use it especially on the public. The top of this is that if you arrive at a venue its far easier to show someone a Certificate that you have had your equipment tested they are then as they see it covered, portable equipment that is constantly plugged up, moved, stored in less than ideal conditions, like the back of a van say in the winter leaves open the door for safety issues and the PAT test and any certificate issued is valid as being passed and safe at the time of the tests after which your responsible for any issues arising from faulty equipment and its consequences unless it is found to be reasonable that a fault would have been in evidence at the time of the test. Our company meets all the legal requirements to perform PAT testing including properly a equipped PAT workshop so there is no need to be worried, on another note, how many venues have you been to where the mains supply is dodgy ? I always extend safety to the stage and check any mains we are supplied with as there has been more than one occasion where the mains supply could be lethal with the management unaware of the fact ! , Normally when you approach them and advise them that the supply or fittings are dangerous or could present a risk their normal stock answer is, Well the other bands or DJs have played here and did'nt complain !!! In the course of my job I am safety testing equipment all day every day so I am only to acutely aware of the need to do this and make my working practices safe for me but also my clients. Take Care Out There Also for those who hire equipment out that has to be PAT tested before it is hired out again.
  12. mintjamman

    PAT Testing

    I will look into this and report back !
  13. mintjamman

    PAT Testing

    Hi - the certificate/test report are basically interchangeable terms. I provide PAT services to some local DJ's in Hertfordshire and also small offices. I provide a test report of each item tested (with values), and also sticker each item (with unique reference id) The procedure at our company is that any electrical item or appliance submitted for testing is recorded on a test report, these are stored with the detail of the test i.e earth bonding, flash test where appropriate etc etc, a pass sticker is attached to the item. The record card for each item submitted for testing along with the test results and unique reference and are held in a database and should that same item arrive for testing in the future the record cards are updated which reflects the history of that piece of equipment. There is as far as I am aware no legislation to provide a Test Certificate and in any case if you were testing multiple pieces of equipment the Test Certificate would run to pages !! hence a copy of the record sheets listing all equipment tested would suffice as a so called certificate. In addition we PAT test equipment that is used in commercial premises all the time and as long as the equipment has the PAT test sticker attached we have NEVER been requested to supply any kind of so called Certificate, now considering that many of our commercial clients are hotels, Bars, Residential Care Homes and Corporate Companies I find it odd that up rolls the band or DJ and suddenly the PAT stickers are no longer proof that your equipment has been tested and passed by a suitably qualified person ! ??? What Gives ?
  14. mintjamman

    PAT Testing

    I have read about PAT testing in the context of professional entertainers such as Bands, DJs and that PAT testing of all electrical equipment used, that a Certificate is required, now through the course of my main employment PAT testing is a service within the company I am involved in. There is no such thing as a PAT testing Certificate only a record of all items tested and there tested status along with the pass / fail stickers attached to the item under test. Various people elsewhere and maybe here have said that they have a PAT certificate ? are they confused with the record list of tested items or are some companies raising their own home grown certificates ?
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    Thanks guys, that puts a ballpark figure on the job and I must get me some of that rope, no not to hang myself !