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  1. fozzzy

    Hello All!

    Hi Adam, Welcome on board. i was Thirteen when i stated, im now 53 and still doing mobile work, Bit of advice for you, Save your pennies and buy good quality gear, we all start somewhere and have all probably rushed in and bought cheap stuff but it doesnt last, buying quality gear will save you money in the long run. good luck, stick at it and reap the rewards, and most of all ENJOY IT. Cheers Steve Foster ( fozzzy )
  2. I've buying a proper Ultimax 1.7m deck stand off Martin Lemmon on here. It has the 3m Trusslight overhead bar with it and a few extra. He is taking £120 for the lot.

    Mine isn't height adjustable, the one I'm getting is. That's why I'm selling my four-footer.

    Busy this weekend?

  3. just wondering wich one i go to from the mixer, i put it in balanced input one and then from output one to the top, is that the correct way

  4. Hi Dave, Fozzy here from chesterfield, ive finally got the

    DB Technologies Opera Club XD15 Complete System, how do you run yours dave,do you turn the volumes up full or do you run them at twelve oclock. i cant seem to get the sound right,i dont think ive got them set up right, wich inputs/outputs do you use on the sub to the tops,on the sub 18d you have balanced input one and balanced inp...

  5. Ok Steve, That's very good of you. I'll give you a ring and sort out to fetch it. You know I'm good for it. I have a few little jobs in the pipeline, so hopefully it will go from there. Had a nice little job last Saturday which went well.


  6. Ayup john,no immnot out at all matey,had a cracking weekend last week,if you want to fetch the mixer,take it try it,and give me cash when u got it u can,cant be fairer than that

  7. Eyup Steve

    Have you got anything on this weekend?

    I might have some discos coming up soon so I need to get that mixer sorted with you. I'll give you a ring and sort out to come and have a look at it.



  8. Next door neighbour is an old guy who is an electrician/electronics geek and PAT tester. He does it for free for me. I do odd jobs to help him out. Bang on. Bob Kay wanted £3.50 per item. Is that mixer the latest model one?

  9. fozzzy


    Ayup johnny boy. Nice to see youve brushed the cobwebs off the gear, ill try and pass you a bit of work your way because i know youre capable of doing a good job mate, probably time to get the gear upgraded a bit now matey, you will see prices still rock bottom here as too many going out for £120/£140, as you know i try my best to get double that but its seems to be getting harder,ive started to travel a bit more now just to get decent money, as youre probably aware most of the hotels have got resident jocks going through agencies who probably get paid peanuts, anyway nice too hear from you fozzzy
  10. have you got pat test, ive got a guy who does all the lot for 60 quid and gives you the certificates,if its any good let me know

  11. Bookings are very slow at the moment,still getting enquiries but people are wanting cheap discos,what you charging for friday/saturday nights,have you got a landline number,im out this saturday for 300 quid,but as i said its at staffordshire,still a few going out for 120 quid round here,we were getting that 20 years ago,they are not making money out of that if they are paying tax,pli,pat test,

  12. Ayup mate, i can get you osram lamps but they are £50 per 100, too dear, ive used those cheap ones myself and yes they are shit,the guy who sells the lamps knows about the chinky shit and stays well clear of them but they are not osram,but they are very bright and last long,im using them and are happy with them,im doing a 40th birthday this saturday at staffordshire near Alton towers.

  13. I will be needing some soon. As long as they are Osrams. Them Chinkys they sold me last time were crap and half of them had blown like you saw at the WW. How much are they for 100?

    My mobile number is 07902 035937. If you need a roadie one night, give us a bell.



  14. Ayup mate, how you doing,last time i saw you you were at the winding wheel in the auditorium,if you need any bulbs let me know as remco has gone bang,ive got a supplier,infact its one of the guys from remco whos gone on his own.



  15. Hi Steve

    It's John from Broadway Disco. Just joined this forum as I'm getting the disco back on the road again.

    How you keeping?