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  1. I have a 400w U/V Canon going - no lamp thou - £50 - one like this----http://www.totalsounds.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=1788

  2. 5tatman

    It's Posh here!

    Formally welcome you on board....... HI YA! there you go.
  3. 5tatman

    Am I in the right place?

    god, your only on here a few days and your looking for trouble............ Shiver went down my spine at that mere mention of that name in these halls...... nobody dare be brave enough to mention his name round these parts........ those that know don't speak , and those that don't know are better of not knowing.
  4. 5tatman

    Am I in the right place?

    And so i do whoo hoo. Nice to see ya, to see ya nice.. Now - your moon flowers, if your going with wizards........you wouldn't happen to be selling? should remember some same old faces, along with some new. You know the score with these 'ere fangled forum thingies...
  5. That dryer went for way too much Dave,Thanks for the offer anyway,you are a gent.


  6. then you shouldn't be able to OD the cabs. from there you take a little of where you feel it needs it. I.E tops down a little - most proberbly. Try different xover settings to find a sound that suites your cabs. When demoing try an accousticy type song for mid / tops and a more bassy tune of your discretion. It will take a bit of getting use to but you should be fine.

  7. Balanced output - to sub to tops. I use the 120 xover but you might need to use the lower settings as you have bigger cabs. I turn the channel cain uptil it clips then down a little. then channel up till it clips then down a little. then master up till it clips then down a little. then from there you can turn up the sub till it clips then down a little. then tops till it clips the down a little.

  8. just wondering wich one i go to from the mixer, i put it in balanced input one and then from output one to the top, is that the correct way

  9. Hi Dave, Fozzy here from chesterfield, ive finally got the

    DB Technologies Opera Club XD15 Complete System, how do you run yours dave,do you turn the volumes up full or do you run them at twelve oclock. i cant seem to get the sound right,i dont think ive got them set up right, wich inputs/outputs do you use on the sub to the tops,on the sub 18d you have balanced input one and balanced inp...

  10. How much you looking for the sub 05's? and do you have any pics?

    Feel free to email me @




  11. Hi Dave, its fozzy here from chesterfield,i spoke to you at the coalville speaker meet,ive been looking at purchasing these beauties

    DB Technologies Opera Club XD15 Complete System

    CLUB XD15

    Huge sound, small footprint. For those who need a little more. Just Great!

    * 3way Active System

    * 3200W/RMS

    * 2 x OPERA 605 D

    * 2 x SUB 18 D

  12. I sent you an email this morning :)

  13. 5tatman

    My 1st Wedding Booking (games)

    games never done at a wedding apart from a couple for the kids when it's been an all dayer. Gotta tell the clients about your experiance fella. Own up while you have a chance. If you've been doing 6 months by the time the event comes round you'll have a year of experiance. Ask on here for a bit of advice but you have to tell them. At £200 they will be a minimal expecatancy of quality service, and when you don't show it it wil be you that pays for it one way or another. they only plan to get marriied once, and they want the best they can afford, and in you they see the dj they want. so if you own up now they'll proberbly still have you, but if they don't you've done nothing more than tell a white lie, and they have a chance to get someone else who can do the job! YOU MUST TELL THEM. even if they cancel it still gives you time to take a booking for a gig your more comfortable doing. plus if your dooing games at a wedding you'll be doing yourself a favor by missing it!
  14. No Worries - though as much thou.

  15. sorry I understand it is a good one but way too much for me only looking for a cheapie second hand