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  1. This time next week there'll be a new Mrs Trueman and we'll have a lovely daughter in law.

  2. Chris and I have been working on the playlist tonight for Dan & Steph's wedding reception. It's looking good so far with music that everyone will enjoy.

  3. Just got back from getting the bike MOT'd and it's FREEZING out there. Good job it was only a five minute ride.

  4. Out with Dan and the posse, first shot of the night has gone down.

  5. Off to Birmingham for Dan's stag do today. Half a pint of shandy and a packet of pork scratchings later and I'll be a heap on the pub floor!

  6. Nothing is ever straight forward with plumbing and electrics. Changing our electric shower and the mains cable in the wall now needs to be half an inch longer. I left plenty of cable slack when I fitted the original 16 years ago but it won't pull through. Looks like I'll have to remove some tiles to get to the cable and I bet I can't now get the same tiles.

  7. Busy weekend of panto rehearsals today and tomorrow before we open on Thursday night.

  8. Suit fitting done for Dan's wedding.

  9. Just watched Zulu, I've seen it countless times but it's still a great film, "Front rank FIRE!".

  10. 36 years ago today I joined the RAF, my how time flies.

  11. Just about to watch The Hobbit at the cinema.

  12. For all DJs out there today is mic check day.....one two, one two, one two!

  13. I'm enjoying the Royal Variety Performance, good old fashioned entertainment.

  14. Great fireworks evening spent with Graham, Mandy, family and friends.

  15. Roger

    Hi From Bristol !

    Hi, I'm just down the road in Swindon.