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  1. APW


    Same here.. I've still got most of the vinyl.
  2. APW

    It's Posh here!

    Toast!! sorry, don't know how to do the youtube thing!!!!
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    Hi From PCDJ Karaoki

    Thanks for the welcome guys
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    Hi From PCDJ Karaoki

    Hi All. I'm Alan the developer of PCDJ Karaoki. I’ve been reading this forum for a number of years and now that my little app is now being discussed here I though it was time I joined in, I can also be found as a moderator on PCDJ’s main forum in the states as well as there UK forum. I’ve been a DJ since 1984 mainly working the Ashford & Shepway areas of Kent although I do stray into Essex, East Sussex and London from time to time. To-date my most prestigious gig to date was at the Terrace Marquee at the House of Commons a couple of years ago (One for the CV!!). Any questions please ask.