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  1. djtrev

    Vinyl DJ taking you back to the 90's!

    I can accept there is no definitive answer but there has to be an answer of some sort.Customer consultations are about choice not particularly genre.If they want hard house by all means one would ask for examples of what they would suggest but I am asking what in the music world constitutes hard house,garage etc.As for your last sentence,I can see where you are coming from but from a client point of view I am not looking for a specialist,just someone to play what I,the client,wants and that is.............
  2. djtrev

    Vinyl DJ taking you back to the 90's!

    Anyone care to give a list of genres and explain their idea of what each means
  3. djtrev

    Vinyl DJ taking you back to the 90's!

    I find its often the case that when someone asks for a specific genre,be it happy house ,hardcore,garage,indie,or basically anything that isnt pop,I find it hard to know exactly what they want.What is it that defines these particular genre?
  4. djtrev

    Hello All - been away for a while

    Nice to hear from you again.Always liked your set up
  5. djtrev

    Club/rave dj converting to weddings/mainstream

    NO offence Tad.Only an American would use the word remediate. You have a wonderful way with words over the pond.I had to look it up in a dictionary - it wasn't even listed.
  6. djtrev

    Hello everyone

    Hi Karen,I noticed on another group that you mentioned PLI.Dont mess about - GET IT.It will cost you £30 from Mobile DJ Network.Not only does it cover you for any accidents it also means that you will be allowed to work in most venues as they insist on entertainers having PLI..
  7. djtrev

    Hello everyone

    I am sure there are one or two members on here from West Yorkshire who might be happy for you to tag along to one of their gigs and would be happy to meet and give you some first hand advice.
  8. djtrev


    Welcome to the forum I have just spent the last hour looking at your site and it has some interesting content. At first glance it would appear to me that the way of doing things on your side of the pond is somewhat different to ours both from a presentation point of view and to a lesser extent the choice of music,certainly from the school prom point of view.
  9. djtrev

    Starting up again

    I think you will find that the price he paid was for the audio and lighting. The guy gave him the laptop and tracks for free as he had no use for them!!!
  10. djtrev

    Hello all!

    Hi Rob You must be one of the only people I know that use a Lem system. I heard them a long while ago and I was very impressed,but I thought they were a bit expensive at the time. Enjoy the forum.
  11. I must have got that wrong.I thought you hadn't posted for weeks

  12. Hey William you have been conspicuous by your absence.

    Where you been man

  13. Empty your messages Christoph

  14. There is never anyone in the chatroom

  15. Let us know how you get on at your audition.Good luck