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  1. Hi Franck, welcome along to the forum, its nice to see you hear. Hope you got as much out of Dereks seminar as I did.
  2. Spyke

    Hi People

    Welcome aboard Neighbour, there some great people here with some good advice - just don't mention ze war!
  3. Spyke

    Hi All

    Greetings fellow Hampshirian, nice to see you here. There lots of friendly faces here with some great advice and a few camp fire tales. Spyke
  4. Spyke

    Been watching for a while

    Hey Hammy Welcome along, good to see you here Spyke
  5. Spyke

    Big Bopper Entertainment

    Hellloooooooo Baaaaaaaaaaby! Welcome on board
  6. Spyke

    Hello People from You're DJ!

    Welcome fellow Hampshirite i think thats the correct term
  7. Spyke

    Greetings from Hampshire

    Welcome aboard fellow Hampshire Dj
  8. Spyke

    Hello from sunny Southampton

    Cheers for the warm welcome everybody Paul - yay at last i found a forum with someone else around this area lol always up for a drink or two.
  9. Hello my name is Spyke, and i run Kaleidoscope Roadshow in and around Southampton and the Hampshire areas. Been around for a fair few years now, in the background for a bit while having a few kids but now working the way back in to full on gigging again. Hope to find some good people here.