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    Welcome mate...just the 7 kids between me and the Mrs here....
  2. ampanddecks

    Hello everybody...........

  3. ampanddecks

    New here

    Welcome mate
  4. ampanddecks

    new member

    Welcome mate
  5. ampanddecks

    Hello from sunny Southampton

    Welcome mate
  6. ampanddecks

    Eveniing all

    LOL I am guessing you need 10 posts cos guess what it has just appeared!
  7. ampanddecks

    Eveniing all

    Thanks Travis but i do not have the little shout box to type into have looked everywhere.!
  8. ampanddecks

    Eveniing all

    Cheers Guys Quck question. I have seen that i have to have over 20 posts to post in the for sale/wanted section. How do i post on the shoutbox? Any ideas?
  9. ampanddecks

    Hello from the East Coast

    Hell mate....Im new here also!
  10. ampanddecks

    Eveniing all

    Just saying hi as a new member to this forum and to NADJ and Seda... Just the right side of 40 and has been a DJ for over 20 years although not always an active one...back on the scene full time now. Based in the Surrey/SW London areaa. Will try and play nicely