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  1. Return of the Mack

    Returning after an absence

    Too much use of autotune on the television stuff and you just can't do what he does with a mic and get continuous level pick up as he seems to do. However, I have had this discussion in the past and it just goes in circles. Long may he continue to be around as its a nice earner for us. Thanks for the welcome here.
  2. Return of the Mack

    Returning after an absence

    That is our worry. There are a lot of really poor singers just pumping out Buble songs badly with no show to support it. Ours is well rehersed and come with a proper light show to support it. Thankfully its booking well with big hotels, so that gets it out there and a solid reputation. I am not a big fan of Buble myself (like the music, I just don't think he can cut it live that well)
  3. Return of the Mack

    Returning after an absence

    Thanks Martin Will add what I can where I can. Will keep an eye on things to start with.
  4. Return of the Mack

    Returning after an absence

    Morning all This forum was suggested by a friend and then I realised I had signed on many moons ago. I thought rather than just randomly starting to post out of the blue after nearly 2 years I would introduce myself. I am part of NKRoadshow operating in the North West and beyond. We do DJ, but my colleague is a singer so we have a wider reportoire than just DJ'ing and most of our work is now singer/DJ and other stuff. We do still get out and do just DJ jobs, but not as many as we used to. Our work is focused towards weddings and corporate, but we still do a wide range of other stuff too. So that's me I guess.
  5. Return of the Mack

    Evening All

    Hi I'm new on here. I am a DJ, I drink Blackcurrent Tango. I have stuff I use to play music and some lamps that flash and move. The chicks dig it! Thank You.