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  1. Utchin

    A mini DJ

    I done a little looking around last week, and i have already bookmarked the hercules DJ control mp3. Ill have a look around when i get a few more gigs lined up.
  2. Utchin

    A mini DJ

    Lol. I class it as mini DJ'ing... Mainly becuase I only have a small selection of equipment, which does parties for around 100-120, (which is more than fine for the gigs I do). And that all i really do is whack on a playlist and choose which song ill best fit the mood of the crowd. I will be looking at getting a USB mixer, so mix with VDJ, then ild be a bit closer to a big dj
  3. Utchin

    A mini DJ

    Hey, Just started up doing some mini DJ'ing, and its going well, so I thought I would come online and see who else does what, how and where. Im 17, at college, and working as a Apple sales rep. purchased new berhringer speakers last month, and am awaiting delivery of DMX scanners, controller and pars tomorrow. I live and work around caterham and croydon. Looks like this place is really good. Matt.
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