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  1. craigalgar

    Re-introducing myself

    Shh! That’s the one bit of info he was keeping secret lol
  2. craigalgar

    New Member

    About time Dave, been telling you about here for months lol As Merv says, introduce yourself and tell everyone what you do......
  3. hi mate - drom me a line at merv@ntlworld.com and I'll talk you through a couple of bits.


  4. craigalgar

    Hi there from up North

    Hi Eddie. Welcome along, you'll find loads of great help and advice on here. Craig
  5. craigalgar

    surround sounds from the midlands

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    Hello & Welcome
  7. craigalgar


    Hi all, new to these boards. I'm here due to a reccomendation from SBDJ on the Virtual DJ forums. I'm based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire UK. I'm currently doing a couple of resident gigs in local pubs, but looking at getting back into the mobile party / wedding scene again. A new website will be coming soon and any help / info on how to get my name out there or help with a website would be very gratefuly recieved