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  1. Adam Redshaw

    New Guy called - Guy!

    hi guy, welcome to the forum, what made you decide to join up here after so many years?
  2. Not at present I'm afraid. Could mock one up if you have an idea of which one you would like to see., Any good?

  3. Hi, i like the idea of the workstations on your site, do you have images of any of the other finishes please?

  4. is getting readt to offer sound and lighiting services for a fair trade fashion show in Coventry

  5. Adam Redshaw

    Fancy seeing you lot in here!

    Hi all, Not seeing double...no we are not brothers... I have been toying with a name change for a while now....perhaps this is the push I need. I wonder if I can find a good url available?
  6. Adam Redshaw

    Fancy seeing you lot in here!

    Hi all, Happy new year! Lets hope your 2010 diaries are brimming with bookings. Thought I would come along and find out whats gonig on in these forums and try and learn a thing or two.... Be seeing you!