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    I did try to introduce myself but it would not let me it kept saying error. As for guns blazing???? no I don?t think so I don?t need to do that what I say, like I said was my opinion and may I add my own personal experience . As for criticizing a spelling mistake y not take up on THE POINT I WAS MAKING..........
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    Hi all just a short note to go with what all has been said re Superbfunctions ..... 1.. Yes he was asked to leave Unit One Entertainments 2.. Yes he did take them to court and he failed in his action 3.. Yes he did get hold of their data base ( I know because he told me ) 4..Yes he does owe ?1000.00?s out to singers, dj?s etc 5..Assete that?s a joke lots and lots 6.. How do I know I to once worked for him, but for me got out before he had chance to owe me anything. As for someone saying that Ice Entertainment is a front for him lol ,I know Rob and Paul very well and can tell you , you are so wrong. As for one of you calling Unit One Entertainments, just look at their history and say no more, as you defiantly do not know what you are talking about. As for the guy who said no to the hotel at the fee of ?175 per night for let?s say what 6 hours work, do you really think that is a bad fee ?29.00 ish an hour. Let?s not forget all the work you could have got the following year ( that is if you are good enough ) re weddings etc. But anyway to the point I was making from the start please do yourself a big fever and keep well away from Superbfunctions. Thanks for your time reading what some may say are my own opinions. Dave Clarke
  4. Hi all Dave Clarke from sunny Cyprus.