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  1. Hi

    I'm interested in the Pulse cans.

    Where are you based?


    Steve Skinner

  2. Hi


    Do you still have the ishow 4's

    A client has sent a deposit back to me (£100). I'd rather deal with forum members than on eBay and will offer you the £100 + I'll arrange courier collection? once the funds have cleared into my account.

    Let me know if you want to go ahead and I'll keep you posted on the cheque clearance

  3. That was quick,

    Realistically what are you wanting for them minimum? It might have been a one off but about a month ago I missed out on a pair of HID's for not much over £100... To be fair I like dealing with forum members and wouldn't mind some iShow 4's so let me know

    Like I say, waiting for a couple of deposits and if they are in by the end of the week i...

  4. Look forward to doing a deal with you sometime


  5. Hi mregg

    Posted on your 'for sale lights topic'

    When you're next on, give us a shout as to whether you hsve the four acme winners - interested!!


  6. Dave22147

    Hello Guys

    Hi, I'm new but I really like it here...hope you do too!
  7. Dave22147

    HI Everyone!

    Thanks Ben, have had a great experience with buying something from a member off the forum.. so far really enjoying my stay!
  8. on the look-out for a tasty pair of RCF 310A's

  9. Dave22147

    HI Everyone!

    Hi Everyone, Been an occasional browser and often pointed out by people I have sold equipment too on eBay that I should Join up!. Tend to focus myself towards live-sound and am currently going to be spending some time browsing through the for sale section! Thanks Dave