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  1. larry foster

    New Member

    welcome, good to have an experienced dj. you never know our paths may have even crossed!! where are you based?
  2. larry foster

    a new start

    thanks andy for the support i shall wear it always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. larry foster

    a new start

    thank you, thank you, for all your welcomes!!!!!!!!!
  4. larry foster

    a new start

    well now, i could be the bloke out of the floaters (no1 in 1977) and as a clue to my age, iwill be celebrating my 40th year as a dj next march.
  5. larry foster

    a new start

    hi guys and gals, well the oldest dj in town is back again. so ilook forward to reeding about all your trials and tribulations of being a dj. oh, by the way anyone going to plasa this year?