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  1. Bento

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for all the welcomes I've actually found all the parts I've needed from CPC and RS Components, rather than waiting for one to show up on ebay.
  2. Bento

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! Been reading the forums for a while, and decided to register, seems like a very nice place to be . A bit about myself, I'm from Dorset, am 18, soon to be 19, love electronic music, and I'm in charge of all the technical equipment at the local Youth & Community Centre, which ranges from the disco equipment, our recording studio to computers and even laminators! Which is all voluntary. I went to the youth centre as a member when I was at school not that long ago and want to give something back for the great experiences I had there. Most of the equipment has been in dire need of maintenance for a few years, and seeing as no-one else knows how or wants to, and money is an issue I have taken on the task. My current project is getting 2 of our Mad Scan 2 411 AP scanners up and running again, which did nothing at all when powered up. Got the electronic circuits working again with a new transformer, and am now onto the lamp circuits, so am just waiting for parts at the moment. Even though Mad are no longer about I still absolutely love the lights they suit the building so well and generate such a great effect. It is way cheaper to get the kit repaired than to buy brand new stuff, especially as I am doing the repairs myself. Anyway enough babbling, see you all soon. Regards, Ben.