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  1. A & M Events

    Newbie in Cambs

    Suffolk boy here but did my time in Chatteris and Peterborough and still work a bit around Cambridge
  2. A & M Events


    Well hello there! Did our chat yesterday prompt you to come and get involved? Good to see you back
  3. I would definately be interested if your mate has some twister 4hps for sale.

  4. A & M Events

    nearly new to this..

    Have a look at the Alto TrueSonic range as well. Hugely impressed with mine!
  5. Hi

    Yes it is the e-bay one. I'm hoping a sneaky bid might secure it. No-one seems interested. Do me a favour - would you mind removing your post so others don't get wind and bid against me?



  6. Hi

    Yes it is the e-bay one. I'm hoping a sneaky bid might secure it. No-one seems interested. Do me a favour - would you mind removing your post so others don't get wind and bid against me?



  7. A & M Events

    Young dj start up

    The best advice you will ever get is to find someone locally to you who already runs a disco and get yourself out with them to help, listen and learn
  8. A & M Events

    Hello from Extreme Music

    Where abouts exactly are you based? We're in Saxmundham and it would be great to find another good local disco shop
  9. A & M Events

    Hi from Norfolk!

    Saxmundham here, but regulars over the border
  10. A & M Events


  11. A & M Events

    15 year old wanting to dj

    Hi Liam, welcome to the forum and sorry to see you've been deluged with more advice that you can shake a stick at, most of which seems to have ignored what you actually asked! I'm sure I'm not the only one who started life as a DJ around the same time as you - I was 14 (I think) and for me I kinda got into it by mistake - my mum was a teacher, they had noone to do the end of year disco, I got volunteered and the rest is history. If you really do get keen on this life, starting at your age is perfect and please make all the mistakes along the way as however much people want to tell you how to do it right, you will only learn from your mistakes. I chuckle now when I look back at my mate getting a chasing electrical shock from the home made lead connecting my light boxes (learnt to to have live current coming from a plug!). I do think you are luckier than a lot of us were - starting up in the 70's and 80's was a lot different to the way things are today! This is what I think most of the replies have missed - I think many of us have gone headlong into advice about setting yourself up as a mobile disco (and if you want to that's great), but the question was about what to buy to practice in your bedroom or do youth club disco's, so I'll try to help. The most sensible thing I can offer is buy used. At this stage, spending hundreds of pounds on lovely shiny new gear is probably not the best use of your money. The very very simplest thing is to get a cheap laptop (you may already have one), download some free or cheap software and have a play. If you feel like being a little more hands on, then maybe look for a used MP3 controller (or stand alone) - I can't offer much help on this as I am really just a laptop guy! failing that, then a set of used twin CD's and a mixer won't break the bank and unless you are really keen to make money, I really wouldn't worry about expensive brands to practice on - although you can get a set of older twin Denons for silly cheap money on Ebay these days! Aside from the kit, it is probably a good idea to start as you mean to go on, so resist the temptation to download lots of music from filesharing websites, a couple of quid a week will get you a few legal tracks and if you want to learn and build up your older music, there are usually some great deals on the NOW albums, but don't forget the sales - supermarkets always have a bargain section and a CD for £3 will be a lot less than downloading the tracks! I have a couple of younger DJ's who work for me - one is 19 and has an amazing knowledge of the older music - 60's & 70's in particular. He puts that down to his mum & dad as it's the music they listen to and he has grown up with, so it might be useful to tap dad up for some idea on music he likes and maybe he can let you have some music. My other DJ has just completed a mixing / DJ course at a local college so that might be worth looking into. If you really do want to start doing paying gigs, then the advice to get out with some established DJ's is superb. There are skills you will never learn in your bedroom. One of my younger guys had never thought about how he interacted with the guests and spent most of the night with his head in the laptop. We bought a laptop mixer case, to raise it to his height and helped him learn how to stop and look out at his dance floor and watch what was going on and in turn react to what you see. It's made a huge difference.
  12. A & M Events

    15 year old wanting to dj

    I know you would need a mixer too, but I have a Numark D2 that I'm looking to sell for £150.....
  13. Hey there,

    Have to sqay I am relly looking for someone a lot more local, but thanks anyway!


  14. ing bdays, pubs and bars.


  15. Hi Just read your post on looking for DJ's, I'm happy to help if needed i'm based in the hampshire area and the main audience i cater for is 16-30, playing all music that is caterted around these groups. I quite often use other peoples kit, I have VDJ and DJIO box so can plug straight in, happy to take % for just turning up and playing. I normally do a couple of gigs a month includi...