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  1. DJDJ

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    I was part of the launch crew at BPM. I think our stand was next to the Void Speaker stand so was quite difficult to hear anything. I will say the OODJ was fantastic when it came out the OOVJ was a definite upgrade but very overpriced! all three of my machines are quite slow to boot and have the definite drawback of now internal power supply. Any way gone of the original topic now!!
  2. DJDJ

    New Boy

    I have two OOVJs and a OODJ! I know it's outdated stuff now but I love them. I have upgraded the VJs by ripping out the cd drive and adding another hard drive. The company that made them has long gone but one of the guys is still in Hull and always on hand if I have an issue. Spares are becoming a little bit of an issue but still very stable machines
  3. DJDJ

    New Boy

    Well 2018 and still here! Now using a OOVJ with a Denon MC6000 and Yamaha speakers. Most of my work is based around two local hotels. One of which I have a virtually have a permanent booth set up. I have rare trips out of Driffield but very rare I go more than twenty miles from home. Still love the job 25 years on, My passion for dealing with drunken yobs is not what is was but still have more good gigs than bad.
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    Welcome along, Not used V DJ Content so no idea on that.
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  11. Hi Welcome along You really need to listen to both I have the Yamaha 12" wooden and the 15" Plastic cabs I love the sound and regulally gig without a sub at all. The Db is also a good cab so I think it willl be down to your preference.
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    WElcome along BPM coming up I would recommend a visit, Loads of gear to see and hear
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